INCOM would like to thank all of the users of our MTP products who have attended one or more of our eleven (11) semi-annual MTP training seminars thus far.


Many of you have attended multiple of these, reflecting that they have been useful and productive to you, and thereby causing you to become more efficient in your use of the MTP products at your organizations, and have also enjoyed the social events portions as well..


The Training Seminars are scheduled “around the country” so as to better serve all of our Users. The scheduling for these includes a Fall Quarter seminar that is usually held in the Cleveland, Ohio area, which is INCOM’s headquarters location. The Spring Quarter of the semi annual seminars have been scheduled at randomly selected locations, which have already included such cities as Orlando, Chicago, San Jose, Boston and St.Louis. Other possible “city candidates” for future Seminars are Detroit, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Washington, DC to name a few being presently considered.


Some recent “fun locations” have been Disney Land in Florida and the world renown, The Queen Mary in California……with some additional relaxing activities such as dinner combined with comedy club shows, Major League baseball games, dancing after our evening’s dinner , visits to the Rock and Roll Museum and other such “social event activities”.


The structure of the MTP Seminars usually run two days in length, during which time we cover new information and upgrades for the MTP products, along with their associated modules and features.


Additionally, the Seminars are a User-driven environment, with the attendees actively participating in the subject matter and it’s usage at their organizations as well as the additional topic selections to be discussed as desired by the attendees.


Come join the fun and education at one of our upcoming sessions, love to see you there !


Please contact our office at 440-439-7000 for further information.